Streamline your footwear development with The Footwear kit for Rhino®

From 2D and 3D design to engineering and product pipeline, cost and material management.

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The Rhino power up for footwear development

Thanks to Jevero and Botcha, the two footwear kit plugins, you can optimize the footwear development process by shortening the time to market of your projects, reducing the complexity of managing multiple software without sacrificing specific tools for 2D and 3D shoe modeling and engineering.

One software, less costs.
Easy management of the toolchain.
A shared language across your team.
Large and active community of users.
Mold-making and tooling engineering.
Fully customizable.
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Easy pattern making, on top of Rhino.

Jevero is a 2D footwear pattern engineering plugin for Rhinoceros. It allows you to create and modify patterns with ease and efficiency. Jevero integrates seamlessly with Rhino and adds powerful parametric tools that enable a smooth pattern development process.

Seamless collaboration and file compatibility

You will be able to share your models with anyone that uses the software even if they do not have the plug-in. Jevero also support all the major file extensions on the market, also Crispin Engineer .shoe and .pat files. To support your legacy, to have a quicker transition to our tool.

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Ease of integration with the major design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Import of PDF and other common formats is supported and integrated. 
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Ease of development with a number of tools to optimize the workflow and quickly iterate over the ideas and concepts. 
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Robust grading and post processing pipeline. Output supported for major cutting machines manufacturers and post processing tool. 
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Easily access information of the shoe and production. To ensure that costing, duties and the whole production process is under control. 
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Model in 2d, remap in 3d

Simplify the modelling of 3D footwear, allowing users to model in 2D and remapping in 3D with a vast array of efficient tools that makes ever designers' life easier.

Virtual prototypes as fast as possible 

With the tools at your disposal in Botcha x Rhino you will create digital uppers in no time, parametrically edit each part and apply textures to the model. You will be able to flatten any object you want and apply texture and remapping. Create lacing, stitching and more with a few clicks and get stunning results that will sell you projects and products.

Remapping from Mesh. Brep. Subd to another object
This functionality allows an object to be modelled in an advantageous condition (e.g. on a 2D plane) and remapped onto another surface. 
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UV Editor
The UV editor of Botcha allows textures to be manipulated quickly and effectively, thanks to various tools. Fast Unwrapping that minimises texture stretching. Automatic chart layout. Setting the texture size relative to the actual size of the original mesh.
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Parametric modifiers
It is possible to add modifiers to objects that will not change the geometry but only the display of the object. 
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And much more
Botcha 3D x Rhino includes numerous other functionalities, such as the Model Outliner, a layer manager that improves scene management by including all objects in addition to layers, or the Object Soft Edit, which allows mesh and SubD to be modified by applying transformation progressively according to the user’s needs. 
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